Exploring Wolfenden's impact on LGBT+ lives

Wolfenden60 Documentary


Discover Wolfenden60 - The Documentary

Watch the Wolfenden60 documentary, exploring the impact of the the Wolfenden Report 60 years' on.

Discover: Wolfenden Report
Discover: Wolfenden Report

The Wolfenden Report was responsible for the later partial decriminalisation of homosexual acts. Discover the events leading up to the historic change.

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Discover: Wolfenden Report
Personal Accounts: The Hidden Society

Real accounts from those who were Gay in the 60's, understand what life was like, the underground 'gay world' , and the 'secret code' used.

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Discover: Wolfenden Report
Fighting Back: First UK Pride

The Stonewall Riots, the human rights fight, and the first Pride celebration in the UK. Find out how the Riots shaped UK Pride history.

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Discover: Wolfenden Report
Law: Equal Marriage Act 2013

Almost 50 years on, the Wolfenden Report continues to make a lasting impact on equality, discover the Equal Marriage Act and what it means.

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